The Leeds Waits

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Early Music Organisations

The Waits' Website, home of The International Guild of Town Pipers
National Centre for Early Music
National Early Music Association
North-East Early Music Forum
The Bagpipe Society
The Society of Recorder Players

Early Instrument Makers and Suppliers

The Early Music Shop
Julian Goodacre bagpipes
Sean Jones bagpipes
John Hanchet shawms
Phil Bleazey flutes
Marcus Music drums
Finke sackbuts
Eric Moulder renaissance woodwinds, c/o Piva

Suppliers of Historical Dress and Accessories

Trevor Timms historical spectacles
Andy Burke, cordwainer
Petty Chapman clothing patterns
Herts Fabrics wool and linen fabric
Kevin Garlick, cordwainer

Associated Performers

Trio Literati
White Rose Early Dance
Tower Hamlets Trayned Bandes
17th Century Life and Times
The York Mystery Plays

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